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  • Tiger Sugar Milk Tea

    Our refreshing Milk tea over ice, drizzled with house made Brown Sugar syrup providing a rich
    caramelized flavor.

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  • Twister Wrap

    Our Crispy fried chicken tossed with seasoned cabbage and melted mozzarella cheese drizzled with our famous Zinger sauce.

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  • Vanilla

    Vanilla bean blended with Milk and Ice, to give an authentic vanilla taste.

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  • Volcano Burger

    A fresh ground beef patty drizzled with Peri Peri sauce, a slice of our signature ghost pepper cheese, jalapenos peppers and jalapeno poppers all in a gourmet bun.

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  • Wings

    Dipping Sauce Available: Mango Habanero, BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Hot, Buffalo

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  • Zinger Burger

    Our famous burger made with crispy on the outside juicy on the inside chicken breast topped with seasoned cabbage & drizzled with spicy Zinger sauce all served in a soft sesame seed bun.

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