Welcome to Mr. Broast, where delicious fried chicken and gourmet burgers await!

Since 2012, Mr. Broast has been a premier destination for Fried Chicken and Zinger burgers in Aurora, Lombard, and Rosemont, Illinois. We serve 100% Zabiha halal meat, ensuring that our menu caters to a variety of dietary preferences.
Our journey began with extensive research and experimentation to develop the perfect recipes that tantalize taste buds. From mouthwatering Fried Chicken to our signature Zinger Burger, each dish is prepared with meticulous care to ensure freshness and exceptional flavors.
Our menu features a delightful selection of cooked-to-order comfort food that can be personalized to your liking. We take pride in providing personalized service and embracing old-fashioned hospitality, making Mr. Broast the ideal destination for any occasion.

Our Quality

Fried Chicken

Quality is our #1 ingredient. That’s why our Chicken Wings, Chicken Bites and Grilled Chicken Topping are made from chickens raised without antibiotics and fed an all vegetable-grain diet, with no animal by-products. Plus, our Bites are made with 100% chicken breast meat.

Our Premium

Gourmet Burger's

A burger that ticks all flavors is always close to heart! We use premium quality meat to serve you not a meal but an experience to remember.