To the world of broasted chicken cooked to Pefection

Launched in 2012, Mr. Broast has been the home of Zinger burgers. Serving at 4 different locations 3 in Illionis Aurora, Lombard, & Rosemont and 1 in Richardson, Texas. We use and serve 100% Zabiha halal meat. Mr. Broast is for everyone. Whether you’re corporate lawyer taking a break or a university student looking for a fun time or a family searching for a place to enjoy a meal together, we are for you! Mr. Broast was born out of much research and experimentation to find the perfect recipe that ticks all flavor buds. From delicious Paninis to one of a kind Peri Peri chicken, we guarantee freshness to your platter. We offer cooked-to-order comfort food, personalized serving and old-fashioned hospitality making Mr. Broast for go-to place for every occasion.

Our Quality


Quality is our #1 ingredient. That’s why our Chicken Wings, Chicken Bites and Grilled Chicken Topping are made from chickens raised without antibiotics and fed an all vegetable-grain diet, with no animal by-products. Plus, our Bites are made with 100% chicken breast meat.

Our Premium


A burger that ticks all flavors is always close to heart! We use premium quality meat to serve you not a meal but an experience to remember.